Our Team

Serena Huynh



Serena (RMT), became a preventive care specialist in  2015. She has been a member in good standing with Remedial Massage Therapy Association.  She has been providing her knowledge and practice of soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization to many of her clients. Her Goal is to enhance the quality of life for her clients. Lifelong learning is her belief, she is now offering Craniosacral Therapy service. She is obsessed making a difference for the people who have been suffering from any type of pain. Her vision is to help people in all walks of life to achieve their full potential in health and well-being. Serena continues to educate herself in the health field to add value to her practice and to keep finding ways to treat people in pain. 

Kasia Armstrong



Kasia has completed her 2200 hour program at MacEwan University, equipped with Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, myofascial techniques, and more. Kasia is a dedicated, compassionate massage therapist who is eager to serve those in need of destressing, and those dealing with chronic conditions. She will take the time to understand what her clients are asking for, and she is readily able to apply a suitable treatment. She is eager to make a difference in the health and well being of those she treats. 

Madison Perry



Madison achieved 2200 hours in the Massage Therapy Program. She is a member in good standing with Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association of Alberta – CRMTA. Madison is specialized in Swedish (Relaxation) Massage, Hot Stone, and Deep Tissue work. She enjoys and loves to see her clients able to enjoy a feeling of well being after a treatment.  She is always excited to meet new clients and work with them to make them feel better. 

Jessie Y Hu


  Jessie started her massage therapy career in China 6 years ago. She has incorporated her practice with her new Techniques learned while living in Saskatchewan. Since her move to Edmonton, she has gained extensive experience and is able to understand what a client’s needs. She is extremely good with trigger points release  as well as acupressure. She loves doing deep tissue work and deep pressure work. Jessie is point on when you want a knock out massage. 

Tesfu Haile


Tesfu loves to work with clients who have soft tissue or joint dysfunction. He is very specialized in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization and sport therapy massage. He has helped those who suffer chronic pain by reversing the dysfunction and gain back their range of motion. Tesfu has the strength for the deepest treatment and the softness for the lightest treatment. He is passionate in helping heal and make an impact to each individual client.  

Raje Harwwod


  Raje is a Registered Massage Therapist who brings over 15 years of experience working with clients in complimentary therapies including Reflexology, Craniosacral Reflexology, Acupressure, Rieke and Auriculotherapy, the form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a micro system, which reflects the entire body represented on the Auricle, the outer portion of the ear. She also specializes in Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. Raje enjoys working with each individual to create a specialized treatment plan that will be most effective in optimizing health and bring relief to people with neurological impairments.